Introduction of Jining Confucius International School 


Founded in 2009, Jining Confucius International School is a government-granted K12 system school located in the Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone of Jining. There are 132 classes with 4522 students on campus covering an area of nearly 150,000 square meters. The school is equipped with 54 qualified foreign teachers as well as 519 highly-professional Chinese teachers, most of whom are excellent teachers, young specialists, and teaching experts.




The school management is fully authorized to Lunhua Education. Thus it adheres to the education philosophy of “Broad Knowledge for Global Citizens, Enlightened Wisdom for Fulfilled Lives”, the school spirit of “Pragmatism, Perseverance and Excellence”, the school motto of “Be Benevolent, Be Philosophical, Be Elegant, Be Intelligent and Be Honest”, the school vision of “Being A Nurturing Cultural Field of Elites”. The school is devoted to creating two education systems from kindergarten to high school, one is of the domestic elite education, another is of the international. Not only rooted in Confucianism and Chinese wisdom, but also combined with international cultures, the school aims to cultivate outstanding citizens with Patriotism, Leadership and International Foresight.




Under the guidance of 6C Philosophy (Confident, Caring, Committed, Creative, Cooperative and Communicative) which is put forward by Principal Cao Lunhua, the school has created unique curriculum systems such as the Elite Class, International Class, Girls’ Class, International Class of AP/A-LEVEL/Spanish. For instance, in Primary and Middle School, courses such as Sinology, Tea Art, Cooking, Flower Arrangement, Equestrianism, Fencing have been offered. Besides, there are various cultural activities, like the Reading Festival, Foreign Languages Festival,Artistic Drama Festival,Science and Sports Festival , which enable the students to study and fully explore their potentialities. The school advocates the belief that “Teachers are Fortunes, Students are Treasures, Parents are Friends”. During the past eight years, the advanced schooling philosophy and the distinguished schooling features have been widely accepted.